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Jeffrey M. Is it true? Randy We are not aware of any such ruling. If he is on the registry then he is as qualified as any other examiner. I have sleep apnea, have used CPAP since To pass the DOT physical to drive a school bus, I must provide a day compliance report. How can I get that information? Lincare is the supplier of the machine, but the location in my area has now closed. I have not been able to get an answer from other local Lincare stores. What do you suggest I can do? Thank you in advance for your help!

Debra B L All we can suggest is that you just keep calling up the ladder until you reach someone in authority. Depending on which state your licensed in will determine what, if any, time frame you may have between having a valid medical card and a valid cdl. BUT My physical is due to run out on the 9th of July and today is the 3rd. Is there any grace periods? TAmmy Medical cards expire at midnight of the expiration date, there is no grace period according to the DOT. Nowhere can I find an age restriction for a DOT physical. My boss says you must be I have found both 16 and 18 for non school bus.

Heather L The first age restriction will be with the cdl portion from the state, so check with them for the best answer. DOT physical can be preformed on any eligible driver, commercial or non-commercial. With Type 2 Diabetes how current should the lab work be for A1C? Primary does it every 6 months but DOT physician said it had to be within 4 months?

He got his physical and has his CDL. He said the Doctor that did the physical called him and was told to inform him that she was not supposed to have given him his physical card as he is over 77 years old. He is 81 but runs every day and is in good health and has been a truck driver all his adult years. Thank you. Nita R If he has a valid medical card in his wallet, then he is good to go. If he was able to pass the DOT medical certification examination, then he was good enough to continue driving. I made an error filling out my health history section on my paperwork.

Can this be fixed without getting myself into trouble? I have been doing DOT physicals for a school company I used to have the drivers complete page 1 their handwriting was difficult to read, made mistakes, forgot some medical contieion, so after a few years, Me and the driver would go over each question and I filled out the paper work. Page 1and 2 says that the driver must complete. My nephew is attempting to get his DOT medical card. He went to a testing center and passed every portion until the examiner asked about drug use. He mentioned he had used marijuana in the past three-four months but was not actively using.

He was given some sort of substance abuse form that he now has to get filled out within 45 days. He is about to be out of the country for three months and will be unable to get the form filled. Will he be unable to obtain a medical card upon return even though the 45 days has passed? Can he just take the physical again at another facility or does he have to get the Substance Abuse form filled out and returned to the original facility? Also will he have to pass a drug test in order to get this Substance Abuse form certified by his doctor?

Marc If you are diabetic and being treated with a medication that causes a sugar spill-over, then yes. Jimmy No drug testing done at the time of the DOT medical certification examination unless the company request a drug screen. Urine testing is for sugar, protein, and blood. He has been cleared to return to work, and has already passed and received new DOT medical card.

He will be under going some radiation treatment in the next month or so. Radiation treatment will last 30 days. Mark He will need a new medical certification examination following his next treatment period. Make sure he has a medical release from his doctors and a working prognosis from his cancer doctor. This is for the state of Kentucky. Sherry Class A cdl, interstate driver can not operate a cmv while on dialysis.

CDL in a lesser class and usually intra-state only, is possible. Check with your local drivers license depart. If I failed a military drug test 3 years ago, ….. Am I disqualified to get my medical card? The Dr. I have asked the Dr. My primary care Dr. I am awaiting being fitted for my CPAP machine. Now the DOT Dr. What are my options?

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You may be able, maybe, to get a short extension if you can show good compliance for the first couple of weeks. He has been gone for two years. Can we refuse this since he is not eligible to return to work yet? Marie He is on workers comp and will not pass the DOT medical certification examination, so there is no question as to paying for something that is not passable. Once he has been released to return to work, then it becomes a question of company policy as to whether you want to pay or not. All in all it is the drivers responsibility to aquire the medical card.

If I understand correctly, this boils down to whether ambulances qualify as CMVs. Any guidance? All ambulances are for commercial use, they make somebody money But it is not a class issue, so your local drivers license department should have the best answer. Thank you for your response. Does DOT send you a form to get your physical done or do you go do it yourself I have the every 2 yr physical exam.

I have a question any doctor please help. Woman getting dot exam, is require to remove ur back bra, then the breast to be check, also need the hernia check, is that require by the dot gov to be check. Please help me, need a answer. I applied for a driving job that required me to get take a physical exam to get my medical card. Finally, he asked what kind of drugs did I intake? The first and last time I tried Marijuana was in , straight out of high school and because I answered this question honestly, I have to see a SAC to get my drivers.

This is absolutely ridiculous! How true is this? And if this is accurate, where does it state in statute that I must do this. I am not on drugs never have been, yet I have to go through all of this. Someone help me! You might try a second opinion. If a driver gives false medical or incomplete list of pain medications taken and obtains a med card what can be done to report that driver? Does anyone know if we can fold the new dot cards then laminate them since the card is now bigger I want to know if we can fold then laminate so it could be a better fit for the wallets.

If anyone can help Thank You. Ray As long as the DOT officer can read all of the information on the medical card with his naked eye, then you should be OK. How long after taking the DOT physical do I have to turn it into the state? Is there a time limit on the date it was taken and the date you have to certify with the state? Patrick Basically you want the state to know as soon as possible. If you delay and then forget, you could be downgraded or placed on suspension.

IF you have a current med card that is not expired but this one is just a more recent physical I should be ok. I dont need a cdl to drive my cmv but my company wants me to get a dot physical my left eye is lazy can i explain to them my job requirements i have had my driver license since i was 18 and have never been involved in an accident i have no restrictions on my license either but cant read with my eye my vision other than reading is perfect no blurry vision just cant read what do i do so i dont lose my job.

I work for a package delivery company. I drive a pkg car and I drive a big rig. Diagnosed with type 2 and my doctors orders can only work day time. I told him I feel comfortable driving a pkg car but not the big rigs at the moment. I will probably go and try to get re certified next week is that too soon? Larry Not sure why you were disqualified and yes, the rules for class A drivers are different from a class C license.

Jim You should have a copy of your medical card and your medical examination, if not contact the examiner and see what their policy is for a duplicate. Bryan DOT wants to be able to read the entire card with the naked eye, so it is not recommended to reduce the card. See if you can locate one of the tri-folds cards and have your examiner fill it in for you.

Hi pls help I just found out that I have prostate but not cancer , can I still qualify for CDL medical card and continue driving? Today I failed my DOT med card renewal because centre care required place for McLane drivers said they detected a slight heart murmur.

My card expires tonight. They say they cannot extend my med card for this like they can for other issues. Is this correct? Gonna take me 3 days to be seen and cleared after echocardiogram. How long after being released from my doctor do have to wait to take my D. T physical? After I suffered a double saddle pulomory Embolism. William B You will need a full release to return to work and documentation indicating that you are no longer a health safety risk, according to the FMCSA. The medical examiner should be able to explain any delays and waiting periods, once he has all of the above information.

Glenn L The CME has the right to withhold a medical card until he has the documentation that he needs to make his final decision. Dante S. Drug testing and DOT medical certification examinations are two different thing. You should be able to redo your drug test, once you are clean. Rodney S You need to be fully healed and released without restrictions before you can take your next DOT examination.

Most states have some type of lenience for individuals that are out with injuries during the examination period, so it should be easy to re-enstate your CDL. I currently have a good up to date medical card and am currently working. I have an opportunity at a better job but they want a new medical card.

If I fail a physical for the new job would it void the current medical card I have? Ricky If the small hernia does not present with any symptoms then you should do just fine. Yes, a new medical certification examination over-rides an existing medical card. I just had a dot physical recertification the doctor said i past all the test but doctor wanted me to get and updated sleep test.

Was she supposed to? She to come back with the update results. The Medical Examiner issued me a 1yr Medical Card. Three months passed and my Employer said my Medical Card Expired. Is the 1yr Medical Card I got in her office still valid? My Employer is not allowing me to drive and I may loose my job. Leen You should have a copy of your medical card in your possession and if it is signed by you and the examiner, then that is the valid card.

The examiner should have a copy in your file also. Well the Employer terminated me and said they are going by the 3-month medical card the Doctor submitted to them without my knowledge. I asked if they would accept a second opinion from another doctor and they would not answer me. Is there any printable documentation that the 1-year is the valid card? Leon All the proof you need should be in your back pocket as a copy of a valid medical certificate, signed by the examining doctor.

The reason I fell asleep was because of my inconsiderate house mate kept my up all night. I then went to work at my non driving job for my 8 hr shift. On my home I fell asleep. Can I appeal the disqualification on the grounds that the decision to disqualify me was unreasonable because the reason I fell asleep was due to situational circumstances and not medical? Jason Yes, you can appeal, the matter may take quite a while and the forms are hard to find on the FMCSA website, but it is do-able. I no longer work for deleted by admin Trucking, no longer drive an 18 wheeler, so no longer need a medical exam for my CDL.

Steve E. Steve a valid CDL for any reason requires a valid medical certificate or down grade your license. I just had a DOT physical and was disqualified because of medication I take. I am a cancer survivor from Leukemia. This was not good enough for her. She now is requiring me to have a Neuro physic metric evaluation. The wait period is only 3 months to have that done. My company said I cannot get a physical anywhere else because she still has an open file on me.

Is this true or can I get a Physical from another doctor? And the company has the right, based on their company policy to accept or deny the findings. They have you between two hard places. Im 32 years old, never failed a physicsl drug test, never had high blood pressure,no medications never been disgnosed with any ailment whatsover. Passed physical with flying colors, not on medicstions and had no physical indications of sleep apnea.

This guilty until proven innocent is unethical and ridicoulous and what options do i have before im forced to submit to such a tests thst have life long ramifications in the event im missed diagmosed. Its from my understanding that everyone goes home with a cpap and appears to be the biggest fraud on drivers and the insurance companies. Im basicslly being forced to purchase an ailment regardless of the fact i virtually have no health issues in sny aspect. Chris They have put you between a rock and a hard place. As we under stand it, you have the right to a second opinion, but your company has the right to accept or deny the findings.

BMI and neck measurements are not the standard for requesting a sleep study, so someone is taking advantage of your situation. Good luck. Or can I still run off my existing physical that has a couple months left on it. Is it the law that I must have my Medical card on my person while driving at work or is it as long as the company has it on file as current? Bill If DOT wants to see your medical certificate, then you need to have it in your possession.

I have a valid CDL and med card. My med card is going to expire in March I no longer Drive for a living but would like to keep my CDL. I have looked all over the Web pages and not found the right answer. You have to pay out of pocket at a certified Dot office. But then you are restricted to intrastate driving. My question is if Dot does not require that sleep apnea is mandatory for a Dot medical card then why can a physician tell you that he is not giving you a medical card unless you have a sleep apnea test done. I only drive a small box truck local.

You are being taken for a ride by some one who does not understand the differences. Go somewhere else for your examination and tell them that you drive local and a small box truck. Mike Drug testing is not part of a DOT physical exam. However your company may request a drug screen. I have cdl a and have been told I have some heart damage. Dave If you have the procedure done as you describe, you would be disqualified as a interstate class A driver.

That being said, you could consider driving intra-state only and be able to maintain your CLD. Check with social security for that answer. TheTruthDoc This may be possible depending on the license class and the state regulations. I am a Diabetic, under control and have driven small trucks for a living for the better part of 30 years.

I do not have time to appeal nor can I afford legal services. I have already lost my home because of this. What am I supposed to do now? This is unfair practice that some doctor who never met me has more say than my doctor who has been treating me for over 20 years. Do I need to now sell my car to hire a lawyer? Help me out folks.

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I really need some experience, but I will certainly not snub my nose at some simple advice. Thank You. Howard Based on your story we can only assume that you are driving a small local truck. If that is the case then what you need to do is explain to the examiner what your job consist of. Apparently you are being held to a long distance OTR driver standard and he does not understand the difference between federal guidelines and state guidelines.

Yes you need a medical certificate, but the examiner needs to evaluate you as a local small truck medical certificate state guidelines , not an OTR driver. Thank You Trucker Doc. I thought this was a federal law covering the entire nation. I did not know that State guidelines are different. I MAY be required to cross state lines, will that require Federal certification or state?

Howard A lot will depend on your drivers license classification. Classes other than class A have different guidelines based on your states regulations. I was just diagnosed with the Shingles. When I was a kid I had the Chicken Pox. Thankfully a very mild case at least as far as pain is concerned. My doctor prescribed me Acyclavir and Gabapentin which are medications, one is anti-viral and one is for pain.

Also prescribed was a cream for the rash.

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Will the Shingles affect my medical qualification to drive? Dale The pain medication will be the question for the medical examiner. FMCSA has no say with shingles unless it presents with a safety risk to the driver or public at large. You are not required to tell the medical examiner if you have a cold or the flu. Shingles come and go just like the flu only it takes longer to get rid of them.

If i do not Have the money to pay for. The dot medical exam because of the lack of financial means. How can I obtain the medical? Like billing me. My husband owns a rollback by TN law we are only required to have an F endorsement class d license. We were recently told we are required to have a health card.

Is this true? By all requirements I have read states it is required for cdl not for class d with f endorsement. We are wanting to make sure before we get shut down for this reason. I am a truck driver in Kentucky and do some over the road driving in other states and have had CDL for 10 yrs. I have incontinence issues due to a birth defect and had my prostate remove due to cancer. I am considering having Urinary Diversion surgery to correct this problem.

I will have a Continent Stoma installed in my abdomen where I will use a catheter several times a day to relieve my bladder. I am 46 yrs old and have a perfect driving record for my 10 years of driving. I have not urinated in over 8 years. And where in Kansas can I locate a ME that will sign off as being okay?

This condition is not listed 49 CFR This is a very difficult condition to pass a DOT physical. The examiner has to believe that you are safe on the road and this condition would lead any examiner to immediately deny you. If your neurologist can do DOT physicals, have him do it. Otherwise I think you may need to look much further into getting records of your stability.

Another question, how can you do in home dialysis while driving? I have a 56 yr old. He has controlled it well all these years with his family Dr. At this time, his job will require him to drive across state lines, yet his medic. How does he go about obtaining a waiver when he has no history with a specialist to give him one? His current cert. I work for a large company and I have Dystonia. I also have an FMLA in place for intermediate absensces.

When do I have to get my physical again? This past July, for the 1st time in my spouses 20 plus yr driving history, he was told he had high blood pressure during his DOT physical. He passed everything except the BP and was only given a 3 month card and told he had to be on medicine. So, he went to his personal doctor and got a low dose of blood pressure medicine and his readings have been great. However, every time he went to the company paid medical examiner to show them his readings , he was told it was high! Well, today the lady medical examiner gave him another 3 month card even though he passed!

I am so upset because I thought that when you passed after the 3 month extension that you were given a year or at least 6 month card? I feel she is playing games. She told him she could only go back to July and so he needs to come back in January. What should we do? I recently came out as transgender. Would this be considered a mental disorder under Will this condition disqualify me from recieving a med card?

If I decided to start hormone replacement therapy would that disqualify me? Or is the medical card I have now valid with my class A? We have a driver that is going to be traveling from IN to OH once a week. He will be driving a cube truck that weighs under IS he required to have a DOT since he is crossing state lines? Christi Anyone who drives for commercial purposes must have a medical card.

Crossing state lines, an interstate medical card is required. Med card expires next month, on disability till Dec. JS Contact your local drivers license department with this information so they can note this on your CDL record and they will tell you what the process is to reinstate your CDL.

I have a current DOT medical health card.

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How can i get another DOT health card with my maiden on it? I have had a CDL for many years but when it came time to get my last physical i did not do so but not for any medical condition. My question do i just go get physical and take it to the license branch and all is normal then?

Rosalyn Each state treats the CDL downgrade and reinstatement process differently. I passed my dot physical today but I had a bad month on c pap machine due to a bad mask my hours average using the machine was 3. I always have slept over 4 hours with my machine. Can I get a medical card extension in order get my average hours back above 4 hours.

I have neurofibromatosis. I have had my CDL for 15 years. I have never had a problem before. This time a new doctor want a neurologists approval before they approve the CDL exam. If NF1 does not effect Driving is it legal for the doctor to require a specialist? Mike The medical examiner can request additional testing or information by a specialist, and if you have not had any issues in the past, go get a second opinion from someplace else.

Do any states, specifically Wisconsin, require drivers to recertify their medical card more often than every two years based on any certain age? Butch Yes there are states that require this. How does my examiner record or submit that ive completed and pass my examination. Do they mail my paper work?

If so what do they mail out? If so what documents do i submit? Im in California, Riverside. See California requirements. We have a driver who has been off on medical leave for 3 months. His doctor found a benign brain tumor and had surgery to remove. Doctor has said he is ok to return to work and drive interstate. His medical card has not expired. Before he returns to work, does he need to be re-certified on his medical card in order to drive? I am not sure I have the right fax number Thank you in advance so much. Is there a grace period for DOT physical card in the state of Ohio? My card expires 4 days before my scheduled appointment to have my sleep apnea data read.

Mike No grace period. You cannot drive on an expired medical card. As far as downgrading your license, each state treats this process in their own manner. Get your new medical card on file with your DLD as soon as you have it. Is there such thing as being grandfathered on getting medical certificate in state of Texas? I have had a CDL for over 40 years and only drive about twice a month on a 4 mile round trip.

Roy No, you must have a current medical card in order to keep your CDL valid, or your license will be downgraded. I just took a DOT physical and there was blood and glucose in my urine , the NP examiner took my current med card and issued a 45 day med card. How do I go about getting back in good standing of at least one year? I had same problem do they make you pay for a new card after you see your regular Dr and get it fixed when you go back with your protein normal?

Most places will make you pay some sort of fee once it is under control. The CME has to take their time to review your records and agree with your records, therefore most places will charge at least some fee. Jamie Yes, it is the drivers responsibility to get a copy of the medical card to their local drivers license department. Look up your State DLD to get the information. My husband has a current medical cert but did not take it to the illinois sec of state office. He just received a letter suspending his license.

He has the current certificate in hand. Also, does the suspension apply to his license to drive a CAR or just a commercial vehicle? Is that really a reason even though I can pass a drug test now? JM As long as you stay clean and pass a drug test, and you pass all the other requirements of a DOT physical your should get a valid medical card. Hi I was wondering if I can go to my on doctor if I was not happy with the doctor my company had sent me to for a Dot phis.

You have a couple options here. Driving in traffic is that stressful. So maybe see if you can take a lower dose of the Med because the the lower readings are super low. What type of blood pressure machine are you using? Any automated machine is fairly innaccurate. Yes where can i get the DOT Physical Form alone so my doctor can fill it out to save me the money, shes approved, I believe. And a CME will already have the required forms. Hi, Is it required for the examiner to perform a hernia test on all males during their DOT physical examination?

If one is not performed, but the examiner marks it on the DOT physical form, is this considered fradulent documentation? Beverly FMCSA requires this check, and the examiner should be sure that the driver does not have a hernia problem. And, to mark it as done when the check was not done, that would be considered fraudulent.

Will I fail the physical if I have Bipolar type 2 and also anxiety? Should I just cancel the interview with fedex? I greatly appreciate any information regarding this. So get a medical release from your prescribing and treating physicians. Any questions you would have should now be answered by your local drivers license department. They said they would check it again at the end of the physical.

Of course this was after sitting there thinking that I was not going to be able to get a CDL. I was only granted a 90 day certificate. I am working on my BP but meds I have tried have had some nasty side effects. Having a year would have been helpful to get this under control. Jim You have 90 days to get this under control on medication. You get only one day card to get this under control.

Take Low dose Asprin or Baby Asprin, 1 a day , about a week before your physical. Regardless of passing you should be concerned about that high of a reading. Time to start taking a BP Med to control your blood pressure. Go to the doc and get your blood pressure under control. My husband is on dialysis and last year while on dialysis he passed his DOT and this year they failed him because he is on dialysis. Is there any way around this or is he just done driving til he gets a transplant?

He also has high blood pressure, which he takes meds for and has been for the last 10 years. Niki On dialysis, he is disqualified as a class A driver for interstate. You may want to check with your local drivers license department for local driving. Or is the only proof they get from me when I send them my form?? If I get a one year medical card because of high blood pressure, is that info sent to the state?? Also, the next physical examiner would have access to these Federal records as well?? Happy Harry Yes, this information is on record.

And, you must answer the health questionnaire truthfully. So, nothing to hide, just take care of any condition that may be an issue. Safety is the intention of the medical examination. Keith Yes, get your new medical certification as soon as possible and make sure you get a copy to your local drivers license department. I found out today that I have cancer in my right kidney. It is curable but, the kidney will have to be removed. Therefore, I will now have only one kidney. Is this going to be a problem for passing future physicals? I live in Kentucky and currently only drive a city bus.

No longer driving over the road. I took a Maintenance Wakefulness Test and failed. The doctor at the sleep center says that after I complete my 30 compliance with the C-Pap machine I have to complete another MWT before she will release me. How long do i have to renew my medical card? It has expired, I am not currently employed in a job where i need my cdl. I live in Alabama. So i went for a dot physical.

They found traces of blood in my urine. And the dot physician said she wanted me to get a work up or else she was gonna fail me on the spot. So i went to a doctor and they got a sample of urine. They confirmed trace amounts of red blood cells only. No white. Then they did a ct scan to see if my kidneys were the problem. But the scan covered my chest through bladder. The ct scan said everything was fine. So now the doctor wants to run a camera up my penis to look at my bladder. My question is… at what point will dot be satisfied? Do i have to do the camera thing or will the requirements be met at the kidneys?

David The CME could be satisfied at the kidney level, but make sure that you get a medical release form from your doctor explaining that they feel there is no need for further testing, if all else is normal. We are on the Michigan and Wisconsin state line. We only travel less than 20 miles into WI, do I need a medical card? Jordan Yes. Any time you drive for commercial purposes, no matter the class of your drivers license, you need a valid medical card. Hello and thank you for answering these questions.

I just received my DOT physical and passed. Such as, surgeries female related or anything other than eyes, hearing and things that are needed to get the medical examiner card? Can I black out that information on the long form? And I do not even have health insurance through my employer. I am not trying to hide anything. I just do not understand why they, the employer should have this information. Thank you very much.

Malinda The employer can request a copy, if they have a hipaa compliance policy in place to protect you medical information. Otherwise all the employer needs is a copy of a valid medical certificate. I reside in FL. Just be happily surprised if it does occur. Deb You can request a copy as long as you have a hipaa compliance policy in place to protect the individuals rights and health records.

I have had a Commercial drivers lic. There were a few years when I did not drive but I kept my commercial lic. I did not get a medical card because it was not needed at the time because I was not driving a commercial vech. I renewed with out the medical card and had no problem doing so because if I was not driving for anyone at the time.

I would get my medical exam when I was hired. Now it sound like NM and other states want drivers to have a medical card even though they are not driving for someone and may not drive for someone for a year or more. I called the NM state office and the man told me I only needed the medical card to be hired to drive a commercial vech.

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Carlos You are dealing with some company policy. You could ask to see what their written policy is, but by all means you have the right to go to any qualified CME to request a second opinion. I obtained my class A cdl when i turned 18 and i am now 20 and am due to renew my dot card soon. I lived in Illinois but recently transferred my license over to Texas about 8 months now however i am still residing in Illinois due to some personal issues. Do i have to go all the way back to texas to renew my dot card or can i get it done where I originally got it done at in Illinois?

Amie A federal medical card for interstate is valid throughout the United States. My medical card expires next month. Is there an extension I can receive do to to my situation? Corey As soon as you have a medical condition that takes you off the road, your medical card becomes invalid. Best bet is to contact your local drivers license department in CA and notify them of your situation. Each state treats this type of process differently so find out what the can do for you in CA — maybe a temporary downgrade, and upgrade your CDL once you are fit to drive again.

I broke my foot on the job, my DOT physical is due before my foot will be completely healed. I will miss by approx. What are my options, a three month card? Jeff As soon as you have a medical condition that takes you off the road, your medical card becomes invalid. Best bet is to contact your local drivers license department and notify them of your situation. Each state treats this type of process differently so find out what the can do for you in your state.

If a CDL driver applies for a part time job and is required by the company to take a physical, does the new card cancel out the Physical Card from his full time job even if it has not expired. Alexia The question is very vague, so the best answer that we can give right now is, it all depends on the reasoning for the request. I recently got my dot medical card but then months later I legally changed my first and last name due to family issues. Desmond If you are near the examiner that did your original, then they may change it for a small fee. Am I required to have a DOT physical? Jeff Not as a class A interstate driver.

And you will have difficulty passing almost any type of driving position, especially if you have to shift gears and possibly help unload. I just had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my back…to help elivate pain from herniated disc,is this something that may disqualify me on the DOT physical? Danny Since your medical card has been invalidated, due to the implant, you will need a medical release form from your doctor explaining your condition and a working prognosis. Take that documentation with you when you go for your DOT medical certification examination.

As long as your condition does not pose any type of safety issues, then you may be OK. I am a 69 year old man with 50 years driving experience. I have been driving a truck pulling a flat with lumber loads for the last 5 years. I do not drive out of my home state of Iowa and usually my runs are around miles. A couple of months ago, I went to my heart doctor for a checkup. He said everything looked good and to keep working as long as I could as that was good exercise for me. I went this week to our local clinic to a Qualified Medical Examiner for my renewal of my physical.

I guess when I was talking to my heart doctor I said that sometimes I get tired in the afternoon — this was when I was having trouble with my sleep machine and that problem has been taken care of. Well, between my heart doctor and my regular doctor and the Medical Examiner I have been disqualified just because of the statement I said. I have passed every medical test excellently. Can I be disqualified because of this statement I made even though I am in good health, love to work, never work long hours and stay within a mile radius.

Is there any thing I can do to remedy this situation. Steve All you need is supporting documentation that all of your issues are non-issues, and since you drive within your state at all times, you could go intra-state only for your cdl and then fall out of the FMCSA guidelines and into your states variances.

My heart doctor as released me to go to work. I have tried to get into see my Medical Examiner again — he was off a couple of days and then was too busy to work me in until the next week. His nurse made the remark that between my age and taking Zoloft that was an issue. Sleep apnea test — passed Heart tests — passed Blood work — passed Blood pressure passed. Eye exam — passed Age?

Zoloft — problem? I am getting very discouraged and my employer could hold my job for me any longer. Pretty easy to see why we have a driver shortage in this country. If I get a second opinion, do I have to let the 2nd doctor know about being disqualified by the 1st doctor? If an employee who does not drive for the company, but wants to borrow a truck for personal use, need a medical card?

I never turned that approval in to the DMV. The CDL was taken off my license. Is my CDL still valid? Each state treats this process differently.

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  • Douglas 1. That being said, a new employer may have a policy that you go through a new medical exam for them. I have a spe wavier that has expired. If the dr that will be doing my new dot physical dont think i need the spe waiver am i still required to renew spe wavier. James There are more questions than answers on this one. If you need an SPE for your medical card to begin with, then it is marked on your last medical that it is required. If that condition has fully corrected and you have supporting documentation to go along with it from your doctor, then the CME may take the information into consideration.

    Brandon These are two different things. Medical card is for fit for duty status. The urine test during the DOT examination is for proper kidney function, not drug screening. Your urine drug test will be at the request of the employer, and only you know if it is going to be clean or dirty. Just concerned about prior high bp issues that are somewhat under control now. I really want to switch companies but hesitant at the risk of quitting.

    Thanks in advance! So health conditions will be tracked by FMCSA and at some stage by your local drivers license department. Lying will catch up with you. Just make sure you have your BP under control and you will be okay. Get more info on requirements here at BP and Hypertension. I was injured in by a delivery driver that pushed me against my 53 ft trailer. I talked to a person that is hiring hotshot 1 ton pickups but was told that I needed a cdl lic. If I am only driving a 1 ton rather than an eighteen wheeler can I get a restriction just to drive a 1 ton and get a cdl lic?

    So you want to check into a class B cdl. That would allow you to drive a one ton and not to be evaluated as a class A interstate long haul driver. And as long as your state allows for your present restrictions, you should be in pretty good shape. A few years ago I had depression.

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    I got my cdl last year and was cleared then because I had been symptom free for over a year. Now when I went to get a dot exam with my new job I was informed I have to get an evaluation on my mental state every year after being cleared of all depression symptoms last year and have to get a dot physical done every year as well. Where do I find this regulation?

    Try getting a medical release form from your doctor explaining your situation and if he has one, a working prognosis. That should satisfy the examiner. The CME is really looking for any possible safety issues.

    How to maintain a healthy lifestyle as an over-the-road truck driver

    You are out of work until you see another doctor which clears you to go back. So you go back to the original DOT doctor that took you out of service. Will the physical and medical Card that I got to get my CDL permit be good enough to get a job, or will I have to take another physical and get another card when I go to get a job? Rickey It depends on your new employer whether they want you to get a new physical or not. Once you have completed all of your treatment and you feel that you could drive on a limited basis, you might look into intra-state only.

    You would then fall under your states variances and may be able to continue driving, if you so desire. How long can you be off work non work related injury before you are required to take another DOT physical before returning to work? Laaron The question would be best answered if we knew what class driver you are. For class A Interstate drivers, you need a new medical certificate once you leave the seat with illness, injury, or surgery. If you did not mention on prior exams that you had Hepatitis C and now have been treated and are cured, will this disqualify you from renewing your DOT card since you did not mention it on the past exams.

    Penny Yes, it is the drivers responsibility to get a copy of your current medical certificate to your local drivers license department, to keep on record with your drivers license. Had HCV was cured with Harvoni have a medical opinion release letter from treating physician along with lab results.

    So, as long as you're going through truck driver training school and you're going to be tested, you might as well get these endorsements:. Consider making it your goal to have no restrictions -- other than corrective lenses, if you wear them -- on your commercial driver's license. Look upon your time in truck driver training school as part of your professional trucking career. When we went to truck driver training school, the school we chose promised us three things by the end of our course of study:.

    During the latter part of our time at the school, recruiters from various trucking companies came in and made their "pitch" to us. In addition to listening to their spiels, we studied the material that the truck driver training school had on hand. Since both of us had gone through exactly the same course of study at the same time, we felt that we were equally qualified to be hired by any trucking company hiring teams.

    As it turned out, one of the trucking companies that offered Vicki employment did not offer employment to Mike. Since we were interested only in working together as a team, that company was not among those that we considered. The way that the trucking company we were considering being hired by worked the pay scale, the "first seat driver" got a one-cent-per-mile higher rate of pay than the "second seat driver. Of course, we weren't concerned about that because every penny we planned to earn would go into our joint checking account.

    Some truck driver training schools offer one-time job placement services upon a student driver's graduation from school while others offer lifetime job placement. There are numerous trucking companies that advertise no-money-down company-paid training so you can get a " free CDL. Just because the training won't cost you money up-front, you can rest assured that there is a cost involved.

    Read our page for more information. Money saving tip : Review the material on this page for the following tips before you go to truck driver training school:. All Rights Reserved. It neither substitutes for professional advice nor negates user responsibility to do due diligence. Truck Driver Training Schools: Know This Before You Enroll Are you thinking of attending one of the many truck driver training schools throughout the country to start your career as a professional truck driver?

    Let's skip the hype, shall we? Any school promising to do so will skip teaching you critical skills that you need to know. Truck Driver Training Schools: Pre-Qualification and Admission Requirements There is no sense in learning how to drive a heavy truck if no trucking company will hire you once you "graduate. If you're not, it's better to know early on. Trucking company applications will ask questions like these: Have ever been convicted of a felony or any drug-related charges?

    Have you had a reckless driving violation in the past 10 years? Were you at fault in any driving accidents in the last year? Have you ever failed or refused a drug test? Have you had more than 3 moving violations in the past 3 years? Have you had more than 2 preventable accidents in the past 3 years? Has your license been suspended for any reason in the past 3 years? Have you had any traffic convictions for excessive speeding, as defined by DOT, more than 15 mph over the limit, or following too close in the past 3 years?

    Once you know you're hirable, proceed with selecting a suitable school. We attended truck driver training school at a public institution in Charleston, SC. If we had to do it over again, you can rest assured, we'd go into it with our eyes wide open. Filled seats mean more revenue for them. Don't fall for their well-rehearsed lines. Ask about the school's licensing done by the state, as evidence of meeting minimum standards , accreditation done by a U.

    How to steer clear of harm on the road, and what the industry can do to reduce collisions

    Department of Education-approved accrediting agency, as evidence of other strict standards , and certification done through PTDI, as evidence of meeting the training standard of the trucking industry. Get the truck driver training school's catalog and do some preliminary fact-finding regarding the length of the course in days or weeks ; the number hours truck driver training school students are supposed to spend in the classroom and on the driving range; all costs which we'll cover below ; the qualifications of the truck driver training school instructors who most likely will be former truckers themselves ; and the school's job placement rate percentage of course graduates with offers of employment.

    Truck Driver Training Schools: The Initial Inspection Arrange to visit the school when a class of truck driver training students is in session preferably so you can visit both the classroom and driving range areas. When you inspect the classroom , look at or for the number of desks in the classroom to determine the student-instructor ratio; smaller is better ; the atmosphere of the classroom well lit, well ventilated, comfortable temperature ; how well the students seem to understand the instructor; all of the books and materials being used by both students and instructor; the audio-visual materials and library; the other visual aids and tools for use in the class.

    When we were in truck driver training school in , we saw some videos to supplement the training from our classroom instructor. Technology has come a long way since then. When you inspect the driving range , look at or for the number of students assigned to each instructor to determine the student-instructor ratio; smaller is better ; the number of students assigned to each truck to determine the student-truck ratio; smaller is better ; the safety, condition and age of the trucks being used preferably late model equipment, like what is on the road today ; the location of the driving range preferably in a place where there is no public through traffic, but close enough to interstate and in-city driving areas for students to practice ; the condition and use of equipment being used on the driving range cones, barrels, painted lines, backboard, etc.

    Truck Driver Training Schools: Know the Costs Besides the tuition for attending truck driver training school and any associated "allowance" that student drivers may receive , you may incur other costs, including but not limited to: DOT physical for your medical card , DOT drug screen to test for controlled substances , textbooks, road atlas, Class A permit fee, Class A license fee, and endorsement test fee s.

    Make sure you know all of these costs in advance. Ask for a list. If you have to leave the school for any reason such as for medical reasons or a family crisis , find out if you can: get a refund, re-start taking classes later, or can transfer your training time to another school. This may be especially important for those who embark on company-paid CDL training. Truck Driver Training Schools: The Curriculum Book knowledge by itself will not adequately prepare you for your road test or your career as a professional driver. But there are certain fundamentals that you need to know before you can drive a big rig.

    Your truck driver training school will most likely use a book like the one we used: Bumper to Bumper: The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations You can get a head start on learning by getting and reading the book before you go to school. You will also want to familiarize yourself with a Motor Carriers' version of a road atlas, which includes invaluable information for professional drivers of commercial vehicles, such as: truck routes, low clearances and the contact information for state Departments of Motor Vehicles.

    Your truck driver training school will most likely provide you with a paperback atlas. For that reason, we greatly prefer -- and Mike uses -- a spiral-bound atlas with laminated pages, like the Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas Deluxe Edition laminated and spiral bound for heavy-duty users Older editions are kept at home or stowed in the car. Truck Driver Training Schools: The Tests If your truck driver training school is worth its salt, you will have a considerable number of commercial driver's license written exam practice tests.

    And speaking of tests When she made a perfect score, he wrote a big at the top and circled it.

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    Next, he graded Mike's test. When he made a perfect score, Roger wrote a tiny at the top and circled it. We could handle the humor. You need to be aware that there are differences in the definitions used by some truck driver training schools for driving range time: observation time, behind the wheel time, and driving time Ask the school how much actual driving time you will be given during your training program. If you're not getting enough actual driving time or practice on a specific maneuver, speak up.

    Truck Driver Training Schools: Getting Your CDL Endorsements Professional drivers who have certain endorsements on their commercial driver licenses are able to haul cargo or equipment that drivers without those endorsements cannot haul. So, as long as you're going through truck driver training school and you're going to be tested, you might as well get these endorsements: HazMat, Tankers, and Doubles and triples.

    Truck Driver Training Schools: Job Placement and Employment When we went to truck driver training school, the school we chose promised us three things by the end of our course of study: a certificate of completion, a commercial driver's license CDL , and at least one job offer from a trucking company. Only you will be able to determine if this is an issue for you. Trying to find loans WIA Grant Fail Trucking Company School Money saving tip : Review the material on this page for the following tips before you go to truck driver training school: Meeting all of the FMCSA qualifications to drive a truck; Meeting all of the physical fitness requirements; Knowing the pros and cons of each type of truck driving school; Inspecting the school for certain criteria; Knowing all of the costs involved in the training program; Knowing which curriculum you will study; Understanding which tests you will take in the classroom and on the driving range; Knowing the differences in definitions used for driving range time; Not limiting your CDL endorsement options; and Understanding the job placement services that the school offers.