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You are sending the message that you are open to give and receive all that you desire. When you choose to live from a place of love you become a leader. If we all loved ourselves, even just a little bit more, the work we create, the communities we live in, would all be transformed. When you choose to focus on loving yourself as a priority, you have the energy and motivation to do the work that matters the most and to be truly present and actively engaged in your life.

You will make conscious choices, that give you the power to change the reality of your life. If you are unhappy with a situation, always remember you have the power to change it. Focus on loving yourself and everything else will fall into place exactly as it is meant to be. Real Life. Real News. Real Voices. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

I received this book recommendation from a friend. She battles depression and said this book helped her cope with some of her negative thoughts. I liked what the author did with this book. If you battle negative thoughts and struggle with mental health issues, this might help you as it helped my friend. Good advice to change the negat I received this book recommendation from a friend. Good advice to change the negative loop in your head to something positive. I think we can all work on this concept in a society that tries to pull you down.

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Say this constantly throughout the day or even while having tough times in your life. I love myself. View all 5 comments. Feb 25, Cara rated it really liked it Recommended to Cara by: Mike Hrostoski required reading for his men's conference. Shelves: life , kindle. Very short, very simple book. The basic idea is that you repeat "I love myself" over and over in your head as a mantra, choosing to repeat that instead of the other junk that usually loops non-stop in there until you wear a new groove with it, deeper and better than the old ones.

I probably would have dismissed the idea out of hand, but someone I respect a lot tried it and got results within only a few days. Ok, I'm game. I've been trying for years figure out how to love myself unconditionally. Maybe I was making it too complicated. The other pieces of the puzzle are a simple meditation, basically breathe in "I love myself" and breathe out whatever comes up, and a question: "If I loved myself truly and deeply, would I let myself experience this?

I'm definitely using that! Notes: location "James Altucher, in one of his best blog posts, talks about how he stops negative thoughts in their tracks with a simple mind trick. It's a switch, a breaker of sorts…" This is the book with the story about the doctor curing the schizophrenic who was hallucinating snakes. Jan 13, Donald rated it it was amazing. The book did two things for me. It made me realize I didn't have to be a perfect person first to love myself, and it made me start loving myself from the first 15 minutes.

I didn't think it was possible so early, There is something fundamentally different about his approach which is easy to start, makes actual physical sense, and can change the way you feel and view the w The book did two things for me. There is something fundamentally different about his approach which is easy to start, makes actual physical sense, and can change the way you feel and view the world. Read it, and pass it along. This is one book everyone of us knows a friend who could use a quick shot in the arm to put them back on the right life track.

Jun 13, Tanya rated it it was amazing. At least when you walk in nature, you are supposed to be alone. I may not know the details of the pilgrimage, but I know how to walk. Jun 29, Ben Azadi rated it it was amazing. If you are in a funk I highly suggest you read this short but very magical book. Feb 25, Vani rated it it was amazing. My interview with the author, Kamal Ravikant. Vani via Businessviews. In an interview with author Vani Kaushal, American author Kamal Ravikant who wrote two bestsellers opens up on his craft, philosophy, and outlook on life.

Ravikant is famous as a writer. But in the United States, he is more popular as a Venture Capitalist, motivational speaker and founder of many start-ups in the Silicon Valley. Vani is a well-known author and columnist in India. This former Times of India journalist published her debut novel The Recession Groom in and received widespread critical acclaim. Vani contributes regularly to Quint, Scroll, and Huffington Post. More about Vani can be seen on her website www. First, it is a practice.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Like going to the gym, brushing our teeth. Call it a focused practice. The results are that one is naturally lighter, happier, and life just works better. At its very essence, it is living in the flow and magic of life. And then again -- a book about loving oneself! I wrote the book I wish someone had given me when I was down.

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No fluff, only actionable and practical truths. Don't people already love themselves? With respect to the exercises you share with the readers looking in the mirror, meditation etc , do you think these techniques really help? These are what I came up with when I was bottom to literally save myself. They worked for me.

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I shared them with friends. The exercises worked for them. I shared them in my book. I have thousands of emails from readers sharing how they work for them. All the exercises are simple. We all have the same monkey minds. Thus, solutions that work effectively are simple and work for all. Do you believe that if a person just loves himself, he can turn around the environment that surrounds him? How does it change anything? How can it not? Try it. And as you get better, the world around you gets better. Things just work that way. How many days did it take you to write this book?

It took me over a month to write this book.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

That was full-time from waking to sleep writing. I cut out 90 percent of what I wrote. I edit with an axe. My goal was to share only the truth that saved me and some thoughts on it; just enough to get the reader to try it. Then, the journey is theirs. How has the response been?

I get so many emails, tweets, and reviews from readers all over the world. Would you not like to write a book for women. We see it in our homes all the time. I once watched Maya Angelou, an amazing African American poet, and writer, give a talk.

Why You Need To Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

She quoted a Roman poet from centuries ago. Women, men. We all needed to love ourselves truly and deeply. As a writer, I want to write fundamental human truths that apply to any reader. Does loving yourself mean lack of fear? Or, sometimes you laugh at them. Does it mean that one become selfish? It does mean that you make choices that are for your good.

Can it help conquer doubt? Doubt is just a shade of fear. Let it come. Let it go. The monkey mind plays its games.

When you love yourself truly and deeply, these affect you less and less. Make a person more self-confident? Self-confidence is a belief in oneself in a healthy way. If you loved yourself truly and deeply, you would naturally give yourself that. Life is simple. It is the mind that makes it complicated. So any focused attention on what can make you better - gratitude, loving yourself, loving another, etc.

Could you tell our readers a bit more about your forthcoming title? Is it available in all formats?

My novel, Rebirth, was published last year. There, he walks an 11th Century mile long pilgrimage. Along the way, he meets other pilgrims and they share with him the stories and lessons of their lives. Ultimately, it is a story about love, forgiveness, and following your heart. It is based on my journey after my father passed away.

It is available in all formats hardcover, paperback, electronic. I hope that it serves you well. Thank you for interviewing me. Jul 12, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: referemce. If you are literate, you should read this book. Feb 09, Jeremy rated it really liked it. This is the shortest book I've ever read. In approximately 50 pages Kamal Ravikant vulnerably shares the story of his rise to early success that was quickly followed by his plummet to painful failure, severe depression, and chronic illness.

This book chronicles the simple steps Kamal took to pick himself up, dust off, and rise again to an entirely new level of abundant living far greater than financial success. Every day we hear and celebrate the success of others. We rarely hear of the challeng This is the shortest book I've ever read. We rarely hear of the challenges, failures, and growing pains along the way to that success and that is what made this book interesting and inspiring to me. May 19, Ryan Andrew Murphy rated it it was amazing.

I hate this book. It disgusts me. Every word of it feels like a lie. I had to stop every five minutes to literally keep myself from throwing up. It made me angry. But i kept going back. I took it like the awful, revolting medicine i wanted it to be; i took it in, hoping that somehow it might act I hate this book.

I took it like the awful, revolting medicine i wanted it to be; i took it in, hoping that somehow it might actually work. I wanted to believe in it; but i did not; i did not believe in any of it at all. I have harmed myself in the past. And… there was no magic. What if we were able to make commitments and follow through on them?

And more importantly, as we will discuss in a minute, it starts by loving yourself. Execution, not Ideation is the Key to Success Everyone has a great idea. Only execution is. The greatest investors in the world never bet on the idea, just the team behind it. Forget all of your ideas. What is more selfless? Making sure that you are taken care of so that you can take care of others?

Or focusing all of your energy on others until you are burnt out, angry, and depressed? No one is perfect and no one has everything figured out.