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My mom would go to that, and I would go to the youth side, to Sunday school. In Sunday school we got to read cool stories. Noah and the flood was obviously a favorite; I had a personal stake there. I grew up in a home with very little exposure to popular culture.

Songs about some guy grinding on a girl all night long? No, no, no. That was forbidden.

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The only music I knew was from church: soaring, uplifting songs praising Jesus. It was the same with movies. So the Bible was my action movie. Samson was my superhero. A guy beating a thousand people to death with the jawbone of a donkey? Eventually you get to Paul writing letters to the Ephesians and it loses the plot, but the Old Testament and the Gospels?

I could quote you anything from those pages, chapter and verse. Then there was black church. There was always some kind of black church service going on somewhere, and we tried them all. No lyrics up on Jumbotrons. But at black church I would sit there for what felt like an eternity, trying to figure out why time moved so slowly.

Is it possible for time to actually stop?

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If so, why does it stop at black church and not at white church? I eventually decided black people needed more time with Jesus because we suffered more. The more time we spent at church, she reckoned, the more blessings we accrued, like a Starbucks Rewards Card.

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Black church had one saving grace. People possessed by demons would start running up and down the aisles like madmen, screaming in tongues. The ushers would tackle them, like bouncers at a club, and hold them down for the pastor. The person had to fall. You could be a linebacker in the NFL. That pastor was taking you down. Good Lord, that was fun. It was an epic slog. We lived in Eden Park, a tiny suburb way outside Johannesburg. This particular Sunday, the Sunday I was hurled from a moving car, started out like any other Sunday.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

My mother woke me up, made me porridge for breakfast. I took my bath while she dressed my baby brother Andrew, who was nine months old. The reason she got it for next to nothing was because it was always breaking down. To this day I hate secondhand cars. Secondhand cars made me get detention for being late for school. Secondhand cars left us hitchhiking on the side of the freeway. A secondhand car was also the reason my mom got married. It was bad enough in a car, but taking public transport would be twice as long and twice as hard.

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Indeed, obstacles that would normally lead a person to change their plans, like a car breaking down, only made her more determined to forge ahead. Sometimes Jesus puts obstacles in your way to see if you overcome them. Like Job. This could be a test.

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Yes, Mom. Now go change your clothes. At the time I attended a private Catholic school known as Maryvale College. Because she was always chasing me to kick my ass, and I was always running not to get my ass kicked. Nobody ran like me and my mom. She was a thrower, too. Whatever was next to her was coming at you.

If it was something breakable, I had to catch it and put it down. Is it breakable?

Catch it, put it down, now run. We had a very Tom and Jerry relationship, me and my mom. She was the strict disciplinarian; I was naughty as shit. I loved videogames. I was a master at Street Fighter. I could go forever on a single play. It was a race. It was a normal thing in our neighborhood. Everybody knew: that Trevor child would come through like a bat out of hell, and his mom would be right there behind him. She gathered up Andrew and we climbed out of the Volkswagen and went out to try to catch a ride.

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