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Thanks to this poem, not only was my Proposition passes, I recieved an incredible mark. I grew up in the mountains of Natal, South Africa but was never more than an hour and a half from the coast - the sea is always an inspiration to me whether rough or calm and this poem always brings that back to me however near or far the sea is from me.

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Please note, I always capitalize "Sea" and to all you Landlubbers, once you have touched and tasted salt water just remember you can leave the Sea many times but the Sea will never leave you. I treasure the the fierceness of the images, the intense yearning, the sense of joy and above all that "call of the running tide" which makes me feel his poem is about life itself. Since I didn't see anything like that until I was an adult,Masefield made a terrific description, for the poem to stay in my memory for all those years.

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I-Like-Rhymes - As a teacher myself I wonder why some of my colleagues try to turn pupils away from their subject by making a punishment out of what should be a pleasure. Still Masefield seems to have done you no harm and not destroyed your feeling for poetry. Masefield's words have stayed me for more than 60 years, never more poignantly than when I toured the U. Constellation while she was at anchor in Baltimore's Inner Harbor several years ago.

That tour made me understand finally Masefield's passion for the sea. Some gifts take a long time to open. I-Like-Rhymes - I had the same recollection of sea and not seas and I even used to recite "down to the sea I checked in "The Collected Poems of John Masefield" publ William Heinman page 27 I understand that Masefield was talking about sailing when he used the phrase "down to the seas" and about water in the phrase "the lonely sea" a distinction that seems to have become lost over the years. This version is very irritating. Peale "introduces" me to this poem.

This poem brings up memories of his life at sea. I teach this poem to grade 10 learners and they find inspiration from it. John Masefield English Poet Laureate, Share it with your friends:. Make comments, explore modern poetry. Join today for free! Sign up with Facebook. Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. Mother Carey? Inbox x.

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