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A Brief Introduction to Social Work Theory

Trauma and Violence. About Us. Social workers need to recognize the critical role that theory plays both in the way they make sense of what is going on and in the way they order their work. Such recognition clarifies practice for both the worker and the client. David Howe's classic text provides a framework to help social workers develop an understanding of the theories which inescapably underpin their thoughts and actions.

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This edition contains a new preface by the author, written in , in which he examines the continuing value of his framework, concluding that it remains an effective tool for making sense of the profession's most current ideas. The book covers a range of theoretical approaches, demonstrating through examples that different theories necessarily lead to very different practices. It offers a stimulating guide to social work theory which is proven to help social workers both to understand their practices and to practise in a disciplined and imaginative way.

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Note: Students must purchase through Perusall to access the book in Perusall. Students can purchase online using a credit card, or your university's bookstore can order access codes from Perusall for students to purchase at the bookstore. Learn more. Written by one social work's most highly regarded commentators, the book's accessible and easy-to-read writing style makes it a must-have companion for students and practitioners looking to gain an overall view of social work theory.

Written in a clear conversational style and organized into short, clearly labelled chapters, students and practitioners will find this an invaluable point of refreshment and reference. Social Work Theory.

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