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Ruling Date. Places in the town Edit The town had a school district where twelve year old Frank Wheatley and his friends would play football, and they once invited Karl to play with them. Police Station - This was filled with several corrupt cops, many of whom were friends with Doyle Hargraves and let him, and possibly others, get away with drunk driving and abuse.

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The police force in was headed by Chief J. Frostee Cream - Similar to its real-life counterpart Dairy Queen, and is the most popular fast food restaurant in town; it has at least one employee, Deke. Karl enjoys the eatery's French fries or as he calls them, "French fried potaters".

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Bill Cox Engine Repair - Karl worked here during his release; in addition to him and the manager, Cox, another employee was Scooter Jennings. A Dentist's office - Frank's girlfriend was the daughter of the local dentist. Doyle Hargraves' house - He lived here and this is where he would cheat on Linda.

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A funeral home - Managed by Albert, who was lovers with Vaughn. The Cunningham house - Vaughn Cunningham lived here, and sometimes his boyfriend Albert. Frank and Linda stayed with him at Karl's request the night of Doyle's killing. The Childers house - Karl's father continued to live here. Dixon Saw Mill - Unknown if it's still open. Near the town was a forest with a river, where Frank and Karl would hang out.