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Sense of "portable firearm" first recorded s; that of "chessman" is from s. Meaning "person regarded as a sex object" is first recorded cf. Meaning "a portion of a distance" is from s; that of "literary composition" dates from s. Piece of one's mind is from s. Piece of work "remarkable person" echoes Hamlet.

"piece" in American English

Piece as "a coin" is attested in English from s, hence Piece of eight , old name for the Spanish dollar c. Sense of "to join, unite, put together" is from late 15c. Related: Pieced ; piecing. In addition to the idioms beginning with piece. Chess , Checkers. Midland and Southern U.

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Chiefly North Midland U. Also called piece of ass Slang : Vulgar. Usually Disparaging and Offensive.

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Comprise vs. This editor, known as Giraffedata, is one of many who hold nonstandard uses of comprise and compose among their top grammatical pet peeves. Today we explore these two terms and the conventions …. Nearby words pie-dog , pie-eyed , pie-faced , piebald , piebaldness , piece , piece by piece , piece de resistance , piece goods , piece of ass , piece of business.

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Idioms give someone a piece of one's mind. Also of one piece. See part. Piece of work "remarkable person" echoes Hamlet.

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Piece as "a coin" is attested in English from s, hence Piece of eight , old name for the Spanish dollar c. Synonyms for piece bit chunk example fragment hunk item lot portion quantity sample scrap section segment slice specimen allotment bite cut division dole end fraction gob half instance interest iota length lump member moiety morsel parcel percentage quota share shred smithereen MOST RELEVANT.

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This piece, with the exception of a few lines, has appeared in the Athenaeum. But I was proposing--I wanted to deed that piece of marsh to you boys!

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Her mother had brought her a piece of seed-cake and a cup of milk with the cream on it. I dismounted, and went forward to strike it with a piece of wood.

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This consists in placing a piece of white paper in the oven. The ribs and the loin cut in one piece are shown in Fig.