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The idea of deciding on a service by simply looking at how many items they have is completely flawed though. Service X could have 10 thousand hours of soap-operas which I will never watch. The icon on the left shows if it is a TV show or movie, and the icons on the right show if it is on each service. That isn't the only secret she's been keeping from him. In a stunning final scene, Murdoch's life is changed forever.

When a young schoolgirl is found dead of an apparent drowning and blood loss, Detective Murdoch finds himself in the midst of the late 19th century vampire craze created by the recent publication of Bram Stoker 's Dracula. Constable Crabtree is convinced that a vampire is responsible for the murder, earning him the wrath of Inspector Brackenreid. The facts fit Crabtree's theory, even more so when Murdoch discovers that three other schoolgirls met with a mystery man and bear mysterious bite marks on their necks.

Toronto Gazette reporter Paddy Glynn stirs up a public outcry and soon, reports of vampires are rolling in from all over the city. Even Julia is swept up by Stoker's tale of forbidden sexuality, struggling to control her yearning for Murdoch despite her engagement to Darcy, but when another schoolgirl is attacked, Murdoch uncovers the identity of the mystery man and the motive behind his deadly quest for blood. Is this man a killer? The answer to that question is found in the realms of youthful lust and jealousy.

A series of brazen daylight bank robberies by an amorous, dashing masked man who steals from the banks to give to the poor sends Detective Murdoch on an unpopular chase. The thief has become a hero to the citizenry, thanks in no small part to Toronto Gazette reporter Paddy Glynn whose articles have raised the bandit to near Robin Hood status.

Meanwhile, Ruby Ogden, surprises Dr. Ogden by arriving in town to assist with — and then take over — Julia's wedding planning. It also becomes clear that Ruby has doubts that her sister is marrying the right man. As Murdoch struggles with the idea of Julia's impending nuptials, he also has to deal with a thief who seems to anticipate his every move, but when a beautiful bank employee is murdered in cold blood during a robbery, Murdoch has to rethink his approach A man is found murdered at a Lewis Carroll costume party.

All clues suggest the murderer is the one dressed as the Mad Hatter , Detective Murdoch. Even after solving this crime, Murdoch does not attend Dr. Ogden's wedding and turns in his police badge. Murdoch has left Toronto, and police work, for the Yukon. However, while in pursuit of fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush he is drawn into a murder investigation with the help of Jack London and realizes that his days as a detective are not yet behind him.

Religious tensions threaten to boil over when a Protestant Alderman is murdered during the Orange parade, and all evidence points to an Irish Catholic. When the archeologists behind an exhibition of recently excavated Egyptian antiquities begin dying under bizarre circumstances, rumours arise that a mummy's curse may be to blame. While investigating an explosion, Detective Murdoch infiltrates an anarchist group led by American labour organizer Emma Goldman. Murdoch investigates the poisoning of a young opera singer, and soon suspects that she was not the intended victim.

James Pendrick returns to Toronto, seeking investors for his latest invention — an electric car. When one of Pendrick's associates is murdered, Murdoch once again suspects the inventor may be a killer. Detective Murdoch's investigation into the disappearance of a quiet librarian leads to a reunion with former love Anna Fulford and the discovery of a seamy underworld.

During his investigation into the murder of a shy librarian with a secret life, Murdoch encounters another young woman behaving seductively. When a widely-disliked inventor is killed by a complex mechanical machine at a convention, Murdoch enlists Alexander Graham Bell's help to discover the killer's identity. Maureen Jennings and Peter Mitchell. A high stakes card game involving Doctor Grace ends with the death of a player. Murdoch learns that the winner of the game would be afforded the opportunity to die and be revived, in an attempt to contact the other side.

Murdoch is taunted by a deranged kidnapper who leaves talking dolls with personal messages directed at him at each crime scene. Murdoch investigates when the captain of the Toronto Wellingtons hockey team is found dead in the locker room, shortly after fighting with another player. As the twentieth century approaches, Murdoch investigates the claims of a man who says that time travelling to the future provided him with information that allowed him to stop crimes. Murdoch investigates after a prototype airplane crashes and kills an innocent bystander and is soon drawn into an arms race between the Canadian and American governments.

After hours of heavy drinking, Winston Churchill awakes at the scene of a murder with no memory of the previous night. Murdoch must piece together what happened to prove his innocence. Murdoch suspects a serial killer is at work when a string of seemingly random people are murdered inside their own homes. The only apparent connection between the victims is a street corner that they all visited shortly before dying. After an armed robber is murdered by his accomplice during a heist, Murdoch's prime suspect is an incredibly perceptive man who claims to be Sherlock Holmes.

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Murdoch investigates a murder at a nudist community. When an anonymous madman threatens the citizens of Toronto with a deadly toxic gas, Murdoch must race against the clock to stop him. While investigating the death of a politician, rumoured to have been killed by a vengeful ghost, Crabtree's theories of the paranormal conflict with Murdoch's scientific beliefs.

Murdoch investigates the murder of an Eaton's department store manager who was disliked by the shop girls. An uncooperative witness impedes Murdoch's investigation into a pawnbroker's murder and Brackenreid faces resistance while looking into the prison death of an old army buddy. A series of violent drowning deaths of university-educated unmarried career women leads Murdoch to suspect sexist and racist motives. Detective Murdoch and Dr. Detective Murdoch and his methods are compromised when Dr. Ogden is implicated in the suspicious murder of her estranged husband.

With Dr. Ogden sentenced to hang for murder, Detective Murdoch races to exonerate her and steps into a trap set by the real killer. A shipping magnate's daughter disappears, without a trace and Murdoch searches for her and at the same time must investigate a dead body on a ship's inaugural Victoria Day voyage.

During a bicycle race, one of its racers dies, leaving Murdoch to believe he was killed by a mysterious stimulant. Murdoch gets drawn into the movie making world, which involves inventor, James Pendrick and has Thomas Edison as a suspect. Murdoch investigates a woman's supposed death by drowning, with the primary suspect to be her abusive husband, who had recently become docile. Murdoch investigate the apparent suicide of one of Julia's patients who had arachnophobia.

Inspector Brackenreid is relaxing at the beach on a hot day when the body of a woman, Katherine Buchanan, is discovered. Doctor Ogden, who was also at the beach, conducts a preliminary examination of the body in situ and finds what appears to be large bite marks from an animal on the victim's body. Inspector Brackenreid is convinced that the marks came from a large creature he believes he saw in Lake Ontario shortly before Katherine's body was discovered.

Although initially skeptical, Detective Murdoch becomes convinced that there may be a large creature living in the lake when he later spots it while with the inspector. Perhaps more unusual than the multiple sightings of the creature is the fact that Constable Crabtree, who believes in the existence of everything from aliens to zombies, remains unconvinced that such a creature exists even after a second body, that of Marie Nicholson, is found with similar bite marks on her body.

Both of the dead women had been contestants in the Miss Purity competition. In addition, Marie, at the time of her death, was engaged to Katherine's former beau. Constable Crabtree pursues these connections between the two women as possible motives for their deaths. Detective Murdoch, on the other hand, tries to determine what type of animal may be living in the lake and implicated in the two women's deaths. A murder victim leads Murdoch and Crabtree to chasing a potential suspect to Newfoundland, where they are caught between a family feud for a treasure map.

Ride of a lifetime – the Maasi Mara, Africa on Horseback

Murdoch and his colleagues escort James Gillies to his execution in Kingston via train. However, a man has been murdered and Murdoch and company find a connection with two other passengers bearing the same prison tattoo. Gillies is revealed to having orchestrated his own escape and jumps off a bridge into deep water. Everyone but Murdoch presumes him dead. Nathan Peters, founder of the Canadian Jubilee Singers, a black singing group, is found dead by the docks. Murdoch searches for motives for the man's death among the members of his singing group, at The Blind Pig where Nathan was known to gamble, and among the Irish dockworkers who barely hide their disdain for the murdered man because of his race.

In the end, the singing group's previous engagement in Buffalo, where a man was found beaten to death, may hold the key to Nathan's death. A series of diamond thefts in which the thief had tunnelled up from the disturbed locations has led Murdoch to believe a drilling machine is involved, whereas Crabtree believes in the existence of mole people. Murdoch hears the confession of a dying man, claiming to have murdered his wife and gives the location of her remains.

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However, evidence later disproves his claim and Murdoch later makes a connection with a closed case involving another woman's death, leading him to suspect that their husbands conspired to murder the other's wife. Sudz Sutherland. A bank president goes missing at the start of his engagement party.

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Murdoch's investigations uncovers that his fiancee was living under an assumed alias, leading to a run-in with a familiar con artist and thus sets up a sting operation to catch her. Meanwhile, Julia receives information that James Gillies is alive and sets out to find him. It's team Station House 4 vs. Meanwhile, Julia and Emily attend a bachelorette party on what may be a haunted island. Murdoch must deal with spies and secret plans, in Toronto, when U. Crabtree teams up with a suspect who is accused of poisoning a visiting Chinese dignitary, in order to find the real killer. Murdoch and Julia finally receive proof that James Gillies is dead.

After a determined opponent of industrial progress straps a bomb onto a factory owner, Murdoch must stop the bomber from destroying all of Toronto. After Julia's father dies unexpectedly, she learns the truth about him and his actual cause of death. Brackenreid assumes responsibility for an investigation, started by Murdoch, of a murder within group of geniuses. Murdoch investigates two cases related to the harbour. The first is the murder of a local merchant and the second is the discovery of a woman's body, recovered on the shore.

In an effort to increase order, constables are dispatched to the area and run foul of the dockworkers. Inspector Brackenreid has physically recovered from his beating but not psychologically. When the two workers suspected in his beating come to his home Brackenreid decides to seek revenge on them. The episode ends in a cliff-hanger with the constabulary engaged in a melee on the docks with the workers who prevent them from arresting the suspects.

In a sub-plot, Dr. Ogden and Dr. Grace are arrested for protesting in favour of women's general suffrage in front of the Ontario legislature. In a continuation of the previous episode, the violence on the waterfront continues while Brackenreid's attackers remain at large. The arrest of Drs. Ogden and Grace leads to a court date. They run into an old friend of theirs, complicating matters. Meanwhile, Julia struggles with Murdoch's desire to marry in the church, which conflicts with her own values. As their wedding day approaches, Murdoch and Ogden intervene in the trial of a woman accused of killing her husband.

Murdoch and Doctor Ogden honeymoon in Manhattan, but trouble always follows. A group of dedicated fans of Murdoch stage a murder to watch Murdoch work, which deters the detective from an actual murder case. The remains of a constable from are discovered in the station house basement, leading Murdoch to investigate whether any of his colleagues was responsible. A businessman is found electrocuted, apparently by his own invention, and all clues point to Thomas Edison's son, Edison Jr.

Constables Crabtree and Higgins go undercover as a vaudeville act at a local theatre after a comedian is found murdered. Murdoch investigates the death of a man found in a river, and soon finds himself searching for the infamous Holy Grail in a booby trapped temple much like the Hagia Sophia. A murder of a land surveyor leads Murdoch and Crabtree to Northern Ontario during the silver rush. Back in Toronto, Dr.

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Ogden sees potential in Brackenreid's painting skills. Brock Morgan as Tom Thomson. Murdoch investigates the murder of a model who was killed during a protest at a corset show. The past history of suffragette Lillian Moss is revealed during the process of the investigation. She and Dr. Grace grow close. Murdoch and Ogden investigate a strange murder at the asylum involving a group of violent women, one who vows revenge on Dr.

Inspector Brackenreid's nephew, Charlie, joins the constabulary as he and Murdoch investigate the murder of the leader of an all-female thieves gang. Maureen Jennings. The murder of a young woman while praying at her parents' grave and the subsequent disappearance of the priest she had last contact with, brings together Murdoch with the priest who raised him in childhood. Crabtree investigates the death of a professional wrestler.

At the successful conclusion of the case he is promoted to detective. Brackenreid give his savings to his barber, Mr. Chilton, only to discover that he has closed his business and disappeared with the funds. The Temperance League attempts to woo the suffragettes by offering support for their candidate in return for adding their policies to their platform which they eventually reject.

Murdoch investigates a murder that, according to Agent Terrence Meyers, involves national security. Meanwhile Drs. Ogden and Grace try to ensure the election is conducted fairly with the assistance of the other ladies of the suffragettes. A young Agnes Macphail takes notice of their efforts. Crabtree proposes to Edna Brooks only to be greeted by her husband who was presumed to be deceased. The constabulary investigates what they believe is a "sequential killer" that Murdoch discovers is a macabre form of gambling.

The leaders then turn their attention to Murdoch. Crabtree is preoccupied with the physical abuse sustained by his Edna Brooks at the hands of her recently returned husband.

Ride of a lifetime – the Maasi Mara, Africa on Horseback

Murdoch investigates an inmate stabbing that happens in the institution where Crabtree is serving time for the murder of Edna Brooks' husband. It becomes apparent that the two cases are connected. Crabtree is ultimately exonerated. Murdoch and his colleagues must protect the safety of author Mark Twain after he stirs up controversy during a speaking engagement in Toronto. Gary Harvey. Suffragette Lillian Moss is murdered days before she and Dr. Grace are to leave for London.

Murdoch discovers that Moss' past has caught up her. A life-sized nude statue generates outrage and crowds until it is revealed that the statue conceals a murder victim. The owner of the only electroplating factory in Toronto, James Kirkham, is the first suspect until a second victim is discovered and it's found that the victims shared the same final meal and sedative, and were murdered by the same weapon.

After ties to two additional victims are found and that they were all prostitutes, links are made to Albert Dray, a man who was suspected of murdering prostitutes in nearby Hamilton, but who was subsequently found dead. If the weapon is used, it could incite a war of total destruction between the two countries.

Scientist Svante Arrhenius is mentioned.

The temperance movement advocates The Local Option, a bill to restrict liquor sales in an attempt to help curb bad behaviour in Toronto Junction neighbourhood. Carrie Nation , an American woman who was a radical member of the temperance movement, is invited to Toronto so support the proposal and she stays at the home of Inspector Brackenreid, where his wife, Margaret, enacts a local prohibition for the duration of stay. Station House No. Ogden finds the body to have bruising and a few small gashes, but nothing obviously fatal.

She needs to check for cerebral edema and other internal injuries in the morgue. Winnifred "Freddie" Pink, a private investigator from Montreal and Murdoch's childhood friend from wilderness camp in Algonquin Park , assists Murdoch in investigating the murder of a fellow camper that has ties with a year-old murder of which they were all witnesses, and which leaves them all in fear of their lives. Byron Sutton, a student of Asian studies, is found dead in the opium den of his instructor, Professor Lawrence. Ogden and Murdoch discover that the student was poisoned, but not by the opium, and a love triangle is the root cause.

Alister McGowan, a wealthy philanthropist, opens his home to some of Toronto's elite for a production of The Little Match Girl , featuring a young Mary Pickford in the title role, staged prior to his annual presentation of Christmas gifts to entertain orphans and patients from The Hospital for Sick Children. Murdoch suspects rival Cyrus Lynch, but he too becomes a murder victim.

While Brackenreid refuses to allow a Christmas tree to be erected in the station house, the gifts of the men are being distributed by a man claiming to be the real St. While applying for a bank loan to build his automated dream home for Dr.

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Ogden, Murdoch finds himself in the midst of a bank heist that puts his reputation at risk. Inspector Brackenreid uses the police department's telegraph machine to convey the live play of a match that involves Sheffield Wednesday. It is discovered that one of the Sheffield supporters was involved in the robbery. Pimblett's body has been preserved by Bernier and has returned with it.

Ogden rehydrates Pimblett to find that he did not die of hypothermia, as was stated. Murdoch suspects the Arctic explorer Captain Bernier and his crew of withholding evidence while a Swedish expeditionary team is also under suspicion. When a golfer is murdered, Murdoch investigates by taking up the game with George Lyon , despite warnings from Brackenreid that golf is a curse. An elderly groom, Oliver Pym, is electrocuted at a wedding planned by Margaret Brackenreid.

The bride's four previous husbands all died under mysterious circumstances, which leads Murdoch to suspect that she is a black widow. Crabtree meets and encourages Lucy Maud Montgomery while teaching a creative writing class. After a white man, Frank Parker, is killed in a black church, the new Chief Constable pressures Murdoch to make an arrest. Murdoch leads Station House No. When it is discovered that the Braxtons were not Roland's biological parents, Dr. Ogden hires Freddie Pink, to locate their adopted child's real parents. A journalist is murdered while investigating a story at a city workhouse.

Murdoch goes undercover and discovers that the Chief Constable may be implicated in corruption at Station House No. Crabtree, Higgins and Rebecca James are swindled when they attempt to sample a banana split. Murdoch and Brackenreid attempt to expose corruption at Station House No. To save himself from prison time, Brackenreid accepts a demotion to the level of city clerk. The members of Station House No.

With the help of a phonograph , Murdoch and Brackenreid elicit the confession of the ringleader and exonerate Brackenreid. A man is murdered during a performance at the Star Room, an infamous burlesque club. Murdoch, Ogden and Brackenreid discover that Crabtree was in attendance at the time. He becomes involved with one of the performers while Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid travel to Buffalo to discover the identity of the victim. Doctor Ogden is shot and Murdoch is abducted by an old enemy. Debutantes seeking to court a wealthy gentleman are murdered one-by-one.

Meanwhile, Julia experiences post-traumatic stress from her near-death at the hands of Eva Pearce. Murdoch closes in on the debutante murderer and Julia faces her demons as a great fire tears through the heart of Toronto. Contains actual footage from the fire, which is blended in with the story line. Murdoch is reunited with Freddie Pink, his childhood friend turned private investigator, when she claims that one of her clients has been murdered.

However, a missing body and evidence implicating Freddie suggests that she knows more about the case than she is saying. New scientific evidence results in the exoneration of a man Murdoch helped put away for murder twelve years previously. Although Murdoch still believes the man to be guilty, he is removed from the new investigation. Detective Watts from Station House One takes over. Murdoch and Ogden investigate the poisoning of a philandering businessman.

Meanwhile, Rebecca James has suspicions about a fellow medical student's suicide. As Murdoch investigates the strange death of a footballer, Brackenreid gets caught up in the team's run for the Olympics. A serial killer begins murdering men with cyanide laced lipstick, and all the murders seem to be connected to Crabtree's girlfriend, Nina Bloom. Key witnesses against an accused murderer are being killed one by one. To catch the hitman, Murdoch makes it seem like the last witness is still alive.

A lecherous criminal known as The Lurker causes mischief in Toronto, and James Pendrick returns to town with a newly invented energy drink which may hold the key to eternal youth. A criminal takes on the role of a superhero from Crabtree's recently published graphic novel and commits a series of robberies against Toronto's upper class.

Eleanore Lindo [D]. Paul Aitken [D]. Brackenreid has left Station House Four in order to accompany James Pendrick on his quest to Panama to retrieve his potion of youth. In his absence, Murdoch is appointed acting inspector, and must deal with a murderer who claims to be possessed by the spirit of Murdoch's arch-nemesis, James Gillies.

A wealthy woman's dog is murdered shortly before a high stakes dog show. Murdoch reluctantly investigates after being ordered to by the owner's brother-in-law — the mayor. Meanwhile, Detective Watts returns and begins investigating a tenuous link between several missing persons cases from the past few years. I made one mistake by buying and reading the last two books first Even this fopar didn't distract from the story line.

Again very good read well worth buying. I enjoyed the first of the The Murdoch Wars so much I bought the next two. Interesting as the story includes the transition period from apartheid to self rule. Exciting with the fighting that took place. Enjoyable with following the life of the main character from imprisonment for a mistake to proving he was a hero. So easy to read.. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Well written, historically accurate story of colonial Africa's struggle to become independant.

Details both sides of the conflict weaving the fictional lives of the main characters with real life so well you can hardly tell which is which. I could not wait to finish and read the next book in the series. If you're seeking to understand the gritty history of southern Africa, give this one a read. Burslem has captured my attention with this mesmerizing tale of intrigue, violence, and redemption that unfolds through the life of soldier-turned-spy Duncan Murdoch.

The Valley of the Shadow is a must-read for anyone interested in the complex world of geopolitics behind Africa's recent brushfire wars. Can't wait to find out what Duncan is up to next! Customers also viewed these items. Beside Still Waters: Murdoch's Africa. A Place Called Charlie Tango. Spider Zero Seven. Need customer service? Click here. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top.

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