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The Tingsvallen Stage 2.

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies

Tingsvallen 6—7. Tingsvallen 2. Seglora church 3. Anpassa mina cookiepreferenser. Acceptera kakor. Share Share the content on this page. The date for this activity has passed. Saved as favorite Save as favorite.

Midsummer at Skansen Listen. Find your way. Midsummers eve June 21st 10 am—2 pm Make your own Midsummer wreath The Orsa Hill 11 am—8 pm Midsumme r fair Handicrafts and locally produced food. Midsummers day June 22th 11 am—2 pm Make your own Midsummer wreath The Orsa Hill 11 am—5 pm Midsumme r fair Handicrafts and locally produced food. Midsummer continues June 23 11 am—5 pm Midsumme r fair Handicrafts and locally produced food.

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Liknande aktiviteter. Christmas market at Skansen. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Skansen.

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Christmas in houses and farmsteads. Fall break - Fears of the past!

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Finally autumn — theme weekends. Spring at Skansen. With all your senses. Edison style string lights are big and give off quite the glow. These bulbs also look lovely strung up into trees or into a veranda. Larger lights, like paper or Moroccan-esque lanterns, also are beautiful when hung above your seating area. Having lots of seating is also important for any party.


If you already happen to have a long dining table, you can move it outside for the night, and use mismatched chairs to create an eclectic style. Flowers, especially those from your own garden, will look especially beautiful on your party tables. Ask your guests to bring a bundle of blooms from their own garden, and send each one home with a small bouquet from yours. HGTV has lots of great ideas on how to arrange your flowers to make your party look beautiful. This wonderful Watermelon Feta Salad is a perfect dish to make ahead and keep in the fridge for a couple days of enjoyment. The sweet and savory mix of flavors will be sure to amaze and delight your guests.

Grill your favorite mixed veggies with the chicken to complete your dinner, and serve with your favorite bottle of wine. Light enough to be an appetizer, you should make a whole platter to have snacks for the entire evening. For dessert, our Fruit and Honey Sorbet is elegant, sweet, and creamy. Use whatever fruits are available to you to whip up a tub of this icy goodness. Posted in Good Reads , Honey Recipes.

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