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Given this confusion about the crime scene, there can be little hope now of finding out who started the fires. Whatever about Dublin needing a new motto, as Mary Freehill suggests, it could certainly do with an updated coat of arms. It could be the wild Irish, again, attacking from outside. It could be mindless vandalism, by arsonists within. It could be the inevitable result of shoddy planning. Or it could be an insurance job involving only one castle, probably, but depicted in triplicate to represent three claims.

If readers have any information that might lead to a breakthrough in the case, they should contact the incident room now. No doubt there are more lawless capitals in the world. Sure, he was exaggerating, but not much.


The only urgency, if the alarm persisted, would be in trying to think of jokes. The preparations have already started where I live. One evening this week, I saw several tractor tyres being rolled down the middle of a street in a hurry.


In one case, the tyre had opened up a clear lead on the children behind, and was still accelerating, so that panicked car drivers had to pull in out of its way. Not only were the kids planning a fire of toxic materials, clearly, the tyres looked very like the ones a local apartment block has just installed as decorative flower-bed surrounds. But the level of casual, everyday lawbreaking in Dublin is enough to embarrass the current motto. Maybe, eventually, Dublin drivers will stop parking in bike lanes, and cyclists will stop using footpaths, and pedestrians will wait for the green man.

On the other side of the moat, you can find more makeshift bamboo bridges and ladders used to infiltrate the castle - and they lead all the way up to the main stairway. However, you may not want to follow that route - as a Ninja is waiting along the bamboo bridge at the top to ambush you. Head back up and quickly make a detour to the bottom of the castle stairs to find a soldier getting ambushed by another Interior Ministry Soldier - and kill whoever wins.

Grapple up to the buildings on the side as you reach the top of the stairs - a Soldier will come screaming out of the main castle door, and followed by an Interior Ministry Soldier, and two more will come out when you near the door. You can take a few out from above - and also get the drop on the Ninja waiting below on the bamboo bridge overlooking the Reservoir for an easy kill.

Try to take on the invading soldiers one at a time if you can - and use the buildings to grapple up to and confuse them if you need to.

Time to tell Dublin’s old motto: ‘You’re fired’

Still, you can at least grab the Adamantite Scrap and Oil before heading back out into the streets. Also note that one of the buildings above has a bamboo bridge leading right up to the castle tower that the Ninjas have used to infiltrate the place - and you can follow them if you wish - or first see the rest of the castle grounds. Kill the group, and look by the lone tree for Oil and Black Gunpowder. This should be cause for concern as well as relief. Take care in taking on all three at once - and give yourself space by jumping between buildings as needed and using tools to distract or stagger them.

As you near the tallest building to reach the castle - three more Senpou Assassins will appear on the building on the right, along with one on the roof of the tallest building. Be sure to bait them into jumping across rooftops so you can use Shurikens to knock them out of the sky - or use the Loaded Axe to trap them in place with a big hit and follow up with your Fang and Blade skill.

Take care when turning the corner - more Ninjas patrol the next row of rooftops: Two on the right, one on the left, and a Vilehand Ninja on the top of a roof guarding some bamboo bridges. Make no mistake - this is a tough encounter. Instead, you may want to carefully step out from the corner to try and alert one at a time - or least get someone curious to come to you, and keep the battle where you fought the first ninja. This will also prevent them from bringing the attack dogs into the equation, and you can save them for last.

If you fall down the bamboo ladders to the grounds below, note there are a couple Crawling Geckos in the empty courtyard - as well as Antidote Powder. Once one side wins, you can drop back down and clear out the winners. You can also look in the crawlspace for a Pellet. The rest of the area remains the same, with the Elite and Soldier with the old lady in the next room, and two more Ashina Elite by the stairs up to the Dojo.

You can also find a Pellet and a chest outside that holds the Black Scroll - detailing a mysterious Black Mortal Blade that Isshin seems to know about - but who holds it now? However, if you jump down onto the beam above him, and lock onto him from above, you can jump at a slight angle to come down on top of him for a free Plunging Deathblow to start the battle with. Remember the golden rule: attack only a few swings at a time and be ready for his retaliation.

If he goes for a standing grab - dodge backwards. If he spreads his arms wide and starts jogging - jump up above the grab. Interestingly enough, this Chained Ogre does not have red eyes.

Castles Burning: A Child's Life in War

This means that fire will not be able to stun him though a fully charged blast from the Spring-load Flame Vent can still burn him and make him pause for a moment. The good news is that he still has a moment of vulnerability after trying a grab attack - or after grabbing and throwing you.

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Defeating this Chained Ogre will net you a Prayer Bead , and the Shinobi Medicine Rank 3 Skill to further increase the amount you heal from your items. Be sure to also grab the Adamantite Scrap in the middle of the room, and open the main door back to the castle stairs. Dive into the lake and clear the two Man-eating Fish from the surface before diving under. An underwater boss fight is certainly an interesting premise - especially against a Headless. The bad news is that you are unable to use most items except for gourds while underwater. Knowing this, have the Purple Mottled Gourd in your quick item list and use it when you get hit.

Now for battle strategy: This fight comes down to two simple things.

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Hit, and run. Using the swim dash, you can shoot forward with your sword in front of you for a lance-like jab, and then quickly swim away before he can react. He only has one health bar underwater, and you do enough damage with your piercing thrust that you can just take your time without worrying about being too aggressive. The Sunken Valley Cannoneers still man the two towers, but it seems the Nightjar Ninja have taken up defensive positions here, oddly away from where the fighting is going down.

One stands on a wall near the stairs down, another on the edge of the building Black Badger was inside who is nowhere to be found , a third across from the building on a wall with two Soldiers, a fourth below the stairs by the second watchtower, and fifth kamikaze exploder around the wall by the gate. Blackhat Badger might be gone, but you can work your way around the roof to kill the Nightjar Ninja here without alerting anyone else, then go around the back to drop down and take out the Nightjar Ninja by the base of the second watchtower, and then grapple up the back to take out the second Cannoneer.

Finally, lure the explosive NInja into blowing himself up, then ambush the last one on the wall with the two Riflemen.

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  7. In fact, if you sneak around the side of the gate, you can find the Assassin hanging from a ledge in wait - and actually eavesdrop on him snickering to himself about how their bait lured the Nightjars to defend this side of the castle. It can be a pretty even match - and a bit of fun to watch - just make sure you kill the winner. Instead, three Ninja Attack Dogs will come out of the shrine to ambush you, so have your shurikens or firecrackers ready to stun them. You can eavesdrop on him to learn a bit more, and then sneak around to the other side and get a Stealth Deathblow off on him to start the battle.

    This fight plays out similar to the Lone Shadow Longswordsman in the Ashina well - but the confines of the room can be a bit tight - so feel free to take things outside, on the roof - or wherever you please. He can also use the vilehand technique of raising his claw from under his cloak to do poison punches ending in a big downward slash - keep well away from those. Be sure to counter every thrust kick he does with a Mikiri Counter, and jump over any sweep kicks he tries to perform after his leaping slam kick. You may remember this area with the grave pyramids where there was a Prayer Bead and a frozen waterfall and pool - now we can dive in.

    Be careful as you first enter the area, as three Ashina Elite apparitions will appear around the graves to fight you - and all at once they can be hard to deal with - or you can just avoid them and dive into the pool. His only real attacks are a couple of swift overhead strikes, and his long limbo-like sweeping swing that goes around in a circle - and usually ends with him disappearing. That said it does do a fair bit of damage - so long as you make sure to get ready to deflect again when he retaliates. Be sure to check around the back of the giant altar here for Divine Grass , and around the burial mounds for a Lump of Grave Wax.

    Carefully crouch to the doorway and look left to see another Ninja waiting in the corner - looking right at the Mini-Boss.

    Bratislava Castle destroyed by fire – years ago - vumavyzy.tk

    Since you can get the drop on the other Ninja, why not use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu to bring a friend to this encounter, and let them go at it while you attack from behind? This way, you can alternate attacking to get his attention, and then letting his former friend stab him in the back, and keep him from blocking by always having someone target his exposed back. Of course you will have to watch out for friendly fire - but done right, you should be able to get off one Deathblow before your puppet expires. Since this Ninja employs the poison fist attacks, watch out for the forward punches followed by the downward slashes - and try dodging to the side of them to open him up for counters.

    You may be surprised to find who is at the top though. An familiar acquaintance stands here now - once thought dead. After the cutscene ends, you can speak to him to be offered a very huge choice: Break the Iron Code and defend Lord Kuro , or obey the request asked of you and turn on your Lord. One of these choices will severely limit what you are able to experience - see the spoiler text below for more details.