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The Haunted seem to have a fascination with mannequins. They are seen to be preoccupied with them throughout the game. This is a possible indication that the Haunted are aware of their horrific disfigurements, and view mannequins as reflections of their former appearance before Ruvik transformed them.

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According to Shinji Mikami , the Haunted have undergone mutation and are expressing the evil that permeates within them. A single Haunted on its own poses little threat to the player, as they are slow, unintelligent, and fairly easy to kill.

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However, large groups of Haunted are much more dangerous, as they can easily surround and overwhelm the player, especially in confined areas. The Haunted are most commonly encountered wielding melee weapons such as hatchets, knives and pickaxes. In later chapters, Sebastian will also have to contend with Haunted armed with ranged or thrown weapons such as dynamite, molotovs, Agony Crossbows and firearms.

Unarmed Haunted will punch and kick at the player. If they get close enough, unarmed Haunted can also use a QTE grabbing move, dealing moderate damage if the player fails to shake them off. The Haunted gain a significant improvement to their AI while playing on AKUMU difficulty, allowing them to attack with much greater ferocity while frequently sidestepping shots and dodging melee attacks. Bloated Haunted will attempt to block shots directed at their upper torso with their large arms, while those armed with Sniper Rifles will almost never miss.

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Cardboard cutouts of various Haunted that Sebastian faced appear as targets to shoot at. Learn More about haunt.

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Resources for haunt Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Dictionary Entries near haunt haunched haunchless haunchy haunt haunty haupia Hauptman. Phrases Related to haunt come back to haunt. Time Traveler for haunt The first known use of haunt was in the 14th century See more words from the same century. More Definitions for haunt. Comments on haunt What made you want to look up haunt?

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  4. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? He read technical journals about film and haunted the theaters and film production companies. Even though the police and my family and friends believed me, that one voice of doubt is the one that haunted me most.

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    Were Israeli soldiers so haunted by what they saw and did in the last Gaza war that they took their own lives? The Lotus and the Storm turns out to be a grand, haunted melodrama with elements of camp, delivered in fragmentary reveries.

    Or go to Mougins and get a local realtor to tell you stories of Edith Piaf's haunted house. Miss Dalrymple then took one of the older servants into confidence, and asked her if the house was haunted. We parted and went our several ways, leaving the little cloisters to solitude and the ghosts that haunted them. Her blue eyes burned on the gems with a strange and haunted light.